Zcash4win v1.0.10 available for download: Zcash desktop wallet

Zcash4win is a desktop wallet for Zcash and it has been updated to v1.0.10. As its name suggests, it is made for windows users in mind. It works on Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 7 and 8.1. To run it, you will need Java runtime on your computer as it is a Java based SwingUI wallet which is used for many other wallets like Komodo Swing wallet and so on.

zcash desktop wallet

Here is the message from developer regarding this update:

This release has my port to Windows (64 bit, Win7 or newer, 8.1 not recommended) updated to track zcash v1.0.10-1 and the latest Windows tweaks to the Swing Wallet by vaklinov.

Download it from here.

I am not a huge fan of desktop wallets as they take quite a lot of time to set up. You have to download the entire blockchain which runs into gigabytes. Then, you have to wait for few minutes every time to sync your Zcash wallet with the blockchain. But desktop wallets like Zcash4win have their own advantages. They are more secure since everything is there on your desktop, including your private key.

When you use web wallet, your private key is stored with the provider. However, there is nothing to get paranoid around since the security is pretty tight. There is no setup time and no waiting – you get your Zcash wallet address in few mouse clicks.


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