What to mine after Ethereum POS: Ethereum Proof of stake mining options

Mine these altcoins after Ethereum POS: ETH POS mining options. Ethereum proof of stake will be hitting at the end of 2017, probably in November or December so what are your options for mining after Ethereum POS. What altcoins are advisable to mine with your current Ethereum mining rig hardware? There are three options but only two are advisable to mine right now.

What to mine after Ethereum POS

There are two main players in graphics card arena – Nvidia and AMD. AMD cards are best for mining Ethereum while Nvidia cards are more efficient for mining Zcash. That being said, both can mine Ethereum or Zcash. Anyway, here are your options:

Ethereum Classic – This is the best bet for all the people mining Ethereum. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is excellent choice for miners. Its price has been going up steadily and even at the time of writing of this article, mining ETC is profitable. You can follow this how-to Ethereum Classic mining article to find out how to mine and make money.

ethereum classic

Zcash – This is another amazing crypto currency which you can mine with your existing hardware. While Nvidia cards are more efficient in mining Zcash, AMD cards are not bad too. Plus, Zcash (ZEC) can be converted to Ethereum quite easily using Changelly service for small charge. Make sure you have any of the best Zcash wallets before getting started.


Monero – This currency (XMR) is priced pretty low right now but holds big promises. You will be able to mine Monero easily with your existing hardware. Both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards are good at mining this crypto currency.


So Ethereum POS would not mean end of mining industry. Infact, it will only grow as it will open doors for mining less popular currencies like Zcash, Ethereum Classic and Monero. If you plan correctly, you will be able to mine good profits. For the time being, feel free to mine Ethereum right now and mint money.


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