What is Ether Cheque? Ethereum Check – Virtual Crypto Check

Do you want to provide Ethereum as a gift to someone? Just like an Amazon Gift card, you can gift someone Ether. Each Ether cheque is built upon Ethereum smart contract which runs on Ethereum’s network which cannot be tampered by anyone, including the person who made it. Only the person having the right cheque number can unlock and cash it out.

ether check

Keep in mind that in order to get the funds, you will need an ethereum wallet which you can get from cex.io or myetherwallet. If you loose an ether cheque, just contact the customer service at contact@ethcheque.com and get a refund. You might be asked for the cheque number or the address of the cheque issuer. Then, the Ethereum will be sent back to the issuer’s address.

Ether Cheque features:

* Quick and flexible – Issue cheque in seconds without receiver’s information. Give any design you want to your cheque.
* Convenient – Various cheque designs are available. Cash a cheque just with its number & signature.
* Secure – Cheque information is kept by user and secured by Our Smart Contract.

Some will say that it is nothing more than paper wallet service for Ethereum and there are not wrong. That being said, it is an interesting concept. It is an excellent mix of new tech and paper and success is yet to determined.


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