How to mine Ethereum Classic? Mining ETC on Windows – Windows Ethereum Classic Mining Tutorial

Do you want to mine Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic is a fast growing crypto currency. It is also easily mineable if you have the right equipment. Mining Ethereum Classic is gaining a lot more traction as ETH becomes more difficult to mine. Since not a lot of people are mining ETC right now, it is still quite profitable to mine.

How to mine Ethereum Classic

The best way to mine Ethereum Classic is by using Ethminer Genoil. It works great with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. After you have downloaded Ethminer Genoil, unzip it. You will a batch file by the name of “Ethereum classic”. Double click it and see if it is showing any errors. If you have drivers installed and GPUs setup, it should start mining ETC right away.

mine ethereum classic

Now, you will have to get hold of an Ethereum Classic wallet address and edit the batch file. Right click on “Ethereum classic.bat” and change my ETC address with yours. Save it and you are done. If you want to support us, please mine for 10 minutes with our ETC address. This will give us few cents.

ethereum classic mining

Now simply double click on the Ethereum Classic batch file and start mining ETC. To see the progress you have made and change payout options, visit and paste your ethereum classic wallet address. Please note that it can take upto 15-20 minutes to start showing some progress. Keep in mind that you need to mining in order to make changes in payment settings. You will also need to enter your IP address to save changes which you can find on

etc mining tutorial

See, that was not difficult at all. Make sure you have installed latest drivers to squeeze best possible performance while mining Ethereum Classic. New drivers can do wonders. You can find them on your card manufacture’s website.


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