Ethereum Mining using Nvidia / AMD GPU on Windows / Linux Tutorial – How to mine ETH on Gaming Rig – Gaming laptop Ethereum mining

What is Ethereum mining? How to mine ETH on Windows or Linux? Ethereum platform requires Ether or ETH to work which is the crpto currency behind it. This allows Dapps, smart contracts and other things to work. To get Ether into the Ethereum system, one has to mine it – just like bitcoin mining. Ethereum mining is done by multiple computer network that are spread across the globe which together solve a puzzle. What is this puzzle? It is basically a random math equation or combination of it which when solved gives the user an Ether or portion of it. The computer must solve the equation quickly.

ethereum mining tutorial

This work of solving the math equation is teachered to prevent foul play. All the work is monitored on the blockchain. This also allows the blockchain the run smoothly. All this requires a powerful computer that has strong processor and dedicated graphics card. That being said, there are some cheap Ethereum cloud mining providers if you are not interested in doing the mining yourself or don’t have a quad core processor computer with latest powerful graphics card. In Ethereum cloud mining, you get a powerful computer on lease which does the mining for you. This way, you do not have to maintain the system. ETH mining providers help keep your leased system running 24×7 without a hitch.

The first thing that you will need before starting mining is Ethereum wallet address. The best ethereum wallet one is from Register on the site and click on the deposit button to get your ethereum address. It will start from 0x. Copy it to a notepad file and keep it safe as this where your funds will go.

AMD Ethereum Mining steps

Windows operating system –

1. Download opencl miner for AMD cards or genoil miner for NVIDIA cards. Ethereum mining works best with AMD cards. If you do not have VC++ 2013 installed, installer is there is the zip files . Install that first.
2. Put your ethereum address at bat-file or if you just want to test your GPU, simply run it.
3. Run eth_pp_ua-ocl.bat or eth_pp_ua-cuda.bat

If you are on linux, follow these steps.

just open terminal and put commands: 
sudo apt-get clean 
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum-qt 
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install cpp-ethereum
ethminer -G -F

The characters between the two “@” is your Ethereum wallet address. To get correct M hash, value type in the following command and divide it by 1000000.

Run ethminer -G -M

Nvidia Ethereum Mining

The new genoil miner works flawlessly with Nvidia GPUs. Download the package from here and unzip it. Inside, you will find a fire.bat file – right click on it and open it in notepad. Then carefully replace my address with your ethereum address. Only change the highlighted part. Feel free to change the kdskamal in the batch file to name of your rig. Save it and double click on fire.bat to start mining using your Nvidia GPU.

ethereum nvidia mining

Here is a YouTube of me mining using pair of Nvidia 1060 graphics cards.


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