How to withdraw from EtherDelta without visiting website

Do you have funds on and want to withdraw them without visiting the website? We will tell you how to do so. Since the website is nothing but a user interface for its Ethereum smart contract, it is quite easy to withdraw funds by using something like myetherwallet. All you will need is your Ethereum wallet address and private key. If you have both, you are good to go.

Instructions on how to withdraw from EtherDelta without visiting website.

1. go to and select “etherdelta (02/09/2017)” which is a current contract, it is also known as etherdelta_2 on etherscan.

2. select a function called balanceOf and query it with a token address and your wallet address. Use 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 as the token address to get the balance of ether. the resulting number is your exact balance deposited to etherdelta smart contract in minimal denomination. You can find token address by typing in the name of the token on

withdraw tokens etherdelta

3. select “withdraw” for ether or “withdrawToken” for tokens, fill in the exact balance, unlock your wallet and make the transaction.

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That is all about it. Make sure you are using correct amount of gas before making the transaction on myetherdelta. Otherwise, it can take many hours for the transaction to execute.


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