How to send Ethereum? Send ETH Ether – ETH Wallet to ETH Transfer

How to send Ethereum from one wallet to another? You just got hold of some ETH and want to send that Ether / Ethereum to a developer or invest it like bitcoin. For that, you will have to send to a wallet that lets you do trading with Ethereum.


Fortunately, the process is very simple and similar to Bitcoin. Just like BTC, Ethereum also has an address. All the sites from where you can buy Ethereum will give you an address where you can deposit or send Ether. Similarly, you can send ETH to a friend or client.

They will give you their ETH address and you can send Ethereum from your Ether wallet to their wallet.

In the below screenshot, I am transferring ETH from one account to another. The easiest and most user friendly site is which lets you buy ETH using USD, EUR or Bitcoins.

send Ethereum

How much time does it take for transfer? It depends on the demand of the Ether and traffic of the website. If there is massive trading being done, it can take upto 30-45 minutes for credit to take place but most of the time, it is around 20-30 minutes.

However, if you are doing a wallet to wallet transfer from same website, the transfer is done instantly and there is no need to wait.

Keep in mind that you must send only ETH / Ether to an Ethereum address. If you send BTC or any other unsupported crypto-currency to that Ethereum address, you will not be recover it – just like bitcoin.

For instance, if I send BTC to an ETH address, all of my amount will be lost and irrecoverable. There is no way to recover that amount and not even the support from site where you bought Ethereum will be able help you in that case. So be very careful and double check the recipient’s Ether address.

I hope that by reading this article you will have finally understood how to send Ethereum from one wallet to another.


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