How to convert BTC to ETH? Buy Ethereum using Bitcoin

Ethereum is going up like crazy and lots of investors are wondering if it is possible to convert BTC to ETH? What needs to done to buy Ethereum using Bitcoin crypto currency? We will be teaching and explain you that in this Ethereum FAQ guide. This guide will be useful to those who want to invest their bitcoins into ethereum. You can also use this guide to convert ethereum to bitcoin.

Ethereum VS Bitcoin

There are few bitcoin websites that have recently started accepting Ethereum on their site and some of them allow you to convert BTC to ETH.

1) We will be using example of which lets you convert bitcoins to ethereum. Make an account on if you have not already and login.

convert BTC to ETH

Tap on the ETH tab and then BTC. You will now be shown cheapest prices of ETH and how many BTC are required to buy ether using bitcoin. Simply tap on buy and get your bitcoin converted to ethereum. This conversion is done instantly and there is no wait.

2) Same functionality is offered by Coinbase which has an easy to use interface as well. It also has an iPhone and android app so you can do trading from the phone directly. It is not supported in non-EU and non-US countries while is available for all countries. That being said, it is most popular in USA and we use it too.

3) If you are looking for just a converter, go for changelly. You can use their website to change from bitcoin to ethereum by just pressing few buttons. Just enter the amount of BTC on their website and get Ethereum at the best rates. They have collaborated with some big names to get the best exchange rate. You can also convert from any other currency to Ethereum and vice versa.
convert bitcoin to ethereum

So there you go, you have just converted your bitcoin to Ethereum. As said earlier, you can convert it back to bitcoin as well.


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