ETH to USD Currency Calculator offered by DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine loved by those who value privacy and there is now another reason to choose it over the most popular search engine – Ethereum to USD calculator. This will allow you to see how much Ethereum is currently being traded on – just like bitcoin.

ethereum currency calculator

While Google offers a similar solution for the bitcoin users, there is nothing as of now for the Ethereum.

The calculator is very easy to use. Simply enter the number of Ethereum and the same is converted to USD. It can be used the other way too – USD to Etheruem which is useful if you want to buy Ethereum using credit card or similar means.

There is another reason to use DuckDuckGo – especially for the privacy conscious search engine users who do not want others or governments to know that they are into crypto currencies as both bitcoin and Ethereum are banned in many parts of the world. Countries fear that their citizens will use these to get money out of the country which can weaken the country’s currency.

Find the Ethereum currency calculator here. Alternatively, you can go to and type in ‘eth to usd’ and you will get the converter. For some strange reason, usd to eth does not work.


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