Enjin Coin wants to solve CryptoKitties problem

Enjin Coin cryptokitties

CryptoKitties, a game that runs on Ethereum blockchain has clogged the entire network and is eating more gas than the popular decentralized exchange, EtherDelta. Right now, the CryptoKitties game is consuming more than 10 percent of total activity on Ethereum blockchain and the entire network is clogged. The team behind this game has now increased the gas price in order to keep the game playable. Now Enjin Coin has stepped in and promises to solve its gas problem. Their platform is optimized for low gas fees and ensures fast response in modern video games. They want to keep the rich metadata on the client and not on the blockchain. This will ensure that the game does not suffer from high gas fees as the metadata will be handled by the games themselves.

The team behind Enjin Coin says that the ERC-20 tokens are also bloating the Ethereum blockchain and making it more expensive to use. They propose ERC-721 standard where the tokens are stored in single smart contract and that helps in reducing the fees that are associated with deploying new tokens.

This is what they say.

Our innovative solution was to re-use all smart contract code and increment a tokenId whenever a new game item is created. The data required can be measured in bytes and the gas fee is about 10x lower than deploying a common ERC-20 token.


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