Download Nanopool Ethereum iPhone app to monitor Nano pool account

Nanopool iPhone application is available for download. It is third party but free and easy to use. Just specify your wallet address and you will be good to go. With it, you will be able to check your nanopool mining stats.

Nanopool Ethereum iPhone app

Nanopool is popular pool among those who want to do Ethereum mining at home but want to get paid bitcoin instead. A lot of us mine Ethereum and convert it to bitcoin. This way we are able to convert ethereum into cash.

So instead of going into an ethereum wallet, it goes into your bitcoin wallet. I prefer sticking to ethereum since there is more space for growth. Ethereum being a relatively new currency will show faster growth than bitcoin so, for the time being, I will be holding onto my ethereum, atleast for an year before converting ethereum to bitcoin and then cashing it in.

Anway, you can download the Nanopool Ethereum iPhone app from here. As said, earlier you can download it for free on your iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Feel free to donate to the developer if you like his work. After all, you will be able to monitor your ethereum mining rig on the move with it.


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