Daedalus wallet for Ethereum Classic launched

Download Daedalus wallet for Ethereum Classic

The Grothendieck team’s Daedalus integration for the Mantis client is now live, and the first release candidate is available for download. The Daedalus combines features of both Daedalus wallet and Mantis Ethereum Classic Client. Available for both windows and Mac, the Daedalus wallet for Ethereum Classic lets you do basic wallet to wallet transfer and at the same time, lets you enjoy safety features the Daedalus is known for. The beta version of the Mantis was released back in August 2017 and ever since, the developers have been busy adding support for Daedalus and improving codebase. The first release candidate is now available for download.

The installer will install Mantis backend and Daedalus wallet. It will also set up a secure connection that makes use of an SSL certificate for maximum security. It will also download bootstrap database so that you do not have to wait a long time to sync with the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The database is around 33GB so make sure you have enough free space.

Once the database is downloaded, the Daedalus wallet will start within an hour. If you interrupt the download process, the backend sync of database will be stopped as well. Here is the download link.


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