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As you must have guessed already, this site is all about Ethereum which is an open blockchain based platform. It allows anyone to make decentralized application that make use of blockchain tech. It is very much like biotin but is much more flexible and feature rich.

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With the new homestead release, any developer can incorporate Ethereum into their applications.

Ethereum was created back in 2013 b Vitalik Buterin that had an idea about single blockchain that could be reprogrammed for any complex computation. Then, Gavid Wood joined in 2014 and started working on next generation of blockchain to make a trustless smart contract platform.

As said earlier, Ethereum makes use of many features that are being used by bitcoin but brings so many more features and enhancements as well. Anyway, you will know more about the Ethereum in the FAQs and guides on this website. We regularly post Ethereum news and updates as well on this site to ensure you stay abreast with what is happening in the Ethereum world.