Bitstamp Ethereum trading is now on

Bitstamp is now officially allowing the buyers to buy Ethereum using their credit cards. The crypto currency exchange already supports trading of bitcoin and is looking forward to add litecoin and Ethereum to their portfolio.

Bitstamp Ethereum trading

Right now, Ethereum and bitcoin are two other major players in the crypto currency world with litecoin being the distant third. Bitstamp’s CEO Nejc Kodric said that the things are changing at a rapid state and they need to adapt according to the times. He further added that there is a lot of demand for the Ethereum and the company wants to give its users safe and secure environment for buying and selling ethereum.

The company is also working in introducing margin trading service, something that is already offered by its rival, poloneix.

Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced a sharp fall today but the company says that the people still feel that the bitcoin and ethereum are safer ways of conducting financial transactions.

Price of bitcoin will further increase once other countries start following in Japan’s footsteps and recognize bitcoin and ethereum as legal payment method.

Ethereum is already on the way in becoming a global currency as several giants have come together in Enterprise Ethereum Alliance where they integrate Ethereum into their firms to connect with other large technology vendors.

We would like to be transparent to our users about one thing – bitstamp requires you to be verified before you can do anything on their site. Verification requires you to give your government identity proof and so it is simply not possible to buy ethereum or bitcoin without giving identification information., for instance, does not require any identification unless you are going to use your credit card. If you buy Ethereum using bitcoins, identification proof is not required.

We hope bitstamp introduces these changes and allow people to buy crypto currencies anonymously.


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