Best ZenCash Wallet: Top Wallets for ZenCash ZEN Wallet

To store the ZenCash, you will need a wallet. Being a new currency, it is hard finding ZenCash wallet (ZEN) on popular wallet provider websites. Our experts have done the job of all best ZenCash wallets that let you buy and trade ZenCash. ZenCash has got a lot of attention from investors and people who love privacy. ZenCash is a direct hard fork version of Zclassic which is also a fork of Zcash. Here are the ZenCash wallets that you can use.

best zencash wallet

The best way to buy ZenCash is by using bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin from coinbase or and then transfer it to bittrex exchange and then to ZenCash. While it is totally possible to buy bitcoin on bittrex as well, we suggest using coinbase or for ease of use and better support.


zencash wallet
This is a bitcoin trading website that has listed ZenCash for trading. Naturally, you get a ZenCash wallet as well. Head over to bittrex and make an account. After that, go to Wallets and in search bar, search for “ZEN”. Click on (+) sign and click on “New Address”.
bittrex zencash wallet
It will be generated and you can use it for receiving and sending ZenCash to other ZenCash wallets. Feel free to trade some bitcoins for ZenCash on bittrex.


This is the official wallet by the people behind ZenCash. It is not a web wallet and requires you to install on your windows, Mac or Linux machine. It supports ZenCash, Zcash and ZClassic. It is an easy to use, straight forward client and lets you send and receive ZEN with ease. Keep in mind that first time installation will take a lot of time since it downloads around 1GB of its data.
Best Zencash wallet Eleos

ZenCash being a new crypo currency is backed by only two of these wallets – one is official while second is an exchange. We are storing them on bittrex after buying bitcoin from and then convert those bitcoins to ZenCash.


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