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Which is best Ethereum wallet? A lot of users are looking for top ETH wallet but are confused by the sheer amount of information that is available to them. Being an Ethereum expert, I wanted to help my readers find the best ethereum wallet that they find useful. New Ethereum wallets are still popping up everyday but many of them are made for stealing your Ethereum. So only use the ones that are mentioned on this list. You can also use an exchange like for buying ethereum but these are too complicated for starters or for those who just want to store their Ethereum. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when looking for the best Ethereum wallet.

Best Ethereum Wallet

First is user friendly. Ethereum wallets have finally become modern as mainstream companies that were originally behind bitcoin started supported Ethereum. A typical, non-geeky user is not interested in firing up the command prompt to check his Ether balance or send / receive Ether. They want easy to use interface that is easily accessible on their mobile as well.

An ideal Ethereum wallet should allow you to buy Ethereum too. It can be tiresome process if you are forced to buy Ethereum from a third part which charges a certain Ethereum transaction fee for transferring them to your wallet. Now, if you could buy it from the wallet provider, there would be such transaction fee since it is a simple transfer from their vault to yours.

Best Ethereum Wallet 2017

Best Ethereum Wallet cex io offers easy to use interface for storing your Ethereum currency. One core advantage of using is the ability purchase Ethereum as well. Purchase can be done using bitcoin and credit card as well which is a big plus.The site also supports bitcoin and even lets you convert btc to eth with a click of a button. Overall, it is the most comprehensive and easy to use website.


best ethereum wallet Coinbase
Second best is the Coinbase which has a mobile application as well. The only gripe is the fact it’s not available in all countries. So make sure you have checked about its availability. You can also buy Ethereum on the website and store it in your wallet directly. Support for bitcoin is also there so you can buy bitcoins from the very site.


If you are looking for a barebone wallet that is easy to use and just offers wallet feature, consider getting MyEtherWallet. It is developed using javascript technology and works offline too. It has paper wallet feature that lets you store your ether more securely on an offline computer. It has a Chrome extension as well that lets you send and receive Ether easily.

So those are the best Ethereum wallets out there. Hope you found this post useful.


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