Best Ethereum Classic Wallet 2017: Top wallets for ETC Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is gaining a lot of traction. More and more people are buying Ethereum Classic (ETC) instead of higher priced Ethereum as this is what they are able to afford right now. Others are buying it as they it growing multifold in coming months. So which are the best Ethereum Classic wallets of 2017 right now? Let the Ethereum experts find you the best wallet.

Make sure not to use your Ethereum wallet for storing ETC as they are two different crypto currencies and if you send your ETH to ETC wallet, you will not be able to recover it. Nothing can be done about the money you sent.

Classic Ether Wallet

The developer behind popular Ethereum wallet, myetherwallet has churned out a wallet for Ethereum Classic. Called the Classic Ether Wallet, it offers same set of robust and useful features that one finds in the myetherwallet. Users can access it via web browser or download their open source client on their computer and run it from there which gives you an extra layer of computer security. This wallet has a Google Chrome plugin as well which integrates well into the web browser and provides same functionality that one gets on their website.

Best web wallet and ETC Trading is HitBTC

ethereum classic hitbtc

You can get an Ethereum Classic wallet here and do trading as well. So you can trade in your bitcoin or ethereum and swap it for Ethereum Classic. This is the best and most comprehensive web wallet.

Ledger Nano S

If you want the best security for storing Ethereum Classic, get a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S. It works with ethereum, ETC, ripper and bitcoin and gives you maximum security. There is a huge demand for this hardware ETC wallet so make sure to get one now.
hardware wallet ethereum classic

* Multi currency : Nano S supports Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains: hold different assets and spend them from the same hardware wallet.
* Secure display : Check transactions on the OLED display and confirm using the physical buttons (anti-malware second factor).
* Security : Your private keys are secured inside a strongly isolated environment locked by a PIN code, and are never exposed.
* Multiple applications : In addition to Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets, use third party apps such as FIDO U2F, GPG, SSH or build your own.
* Ledger Nano S supports the FIDO Universal Second Factor authentication standard on Google, Dropbox, GitHub or Dashlane.

Jaxx – wallet for Ethereum, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin and more

This is a simple yet feature rich wallet that can store many crypto currencies. It has mobile application as well so you can keep a track of your funds on the move easily.


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