AMD RX Vega 64 56 Ethereum Hashrate – Radeon RX Vega Ethereum mining rate

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 is most powerful graphics card of 2017 and due to this very reason, it has gathered a lot of attention from the Ethereum mining crowd. So what is the AMD RX Vega Ethereum hashrate? What king of hashrate can you expect from Radeon RX Vega Ethereum mining rate?

We were able to achieve 43 MH/s by mining Ethereum. That is higher than the Nvidia’s flagship, GeForce GTX 1080Ti that gets 38.4 MH/s after undervolting and overclocking the memory to +942, core clock to +100 and setting power limit to 85 percent.

So what makes AMD Radeon RX Vega so powerful? The Vega makes use of HBM2 memory with high bandwidth that enhances the mining performance by a long shot. We set the core to 1000Mhz, memory at 1100Mhz and power to 76 percent. By undervolting it to 76%, we were able to bring its power consumption to 115 watts which makes it quite efficient.

AMD RX Vega 64 56 Ethereum Hashrate

It shall be noted that similar performance could probably be obtained with the Vega RX 56, because as we said at the beginning the mine of Ethereum benefits greatly from the graphic memory, and after all the Vega 56 mount the same amount and with the same parameters as Vega 64.

In month of October 2017, AMD is going to ship a new shipment of Radeon RX Vega which, we hope, have prices more in line with what was expected. If you are not into crypto coin mining, make sure you preorder RX Vega because miners have set their eyes on this card.


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