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How to mine EtherZero Coin? ETZ Coin Mining Pools

mine etherzero

Did you know that you can mine EtherZero (ETZ) coin? If you have decent graphics hardware on your computer, you can earn some passive income. I have a computer with GTX 1060 6GB  graphics card that I have used to mine Zcash and Etheruem in the past. I later switched to Komodo mining since I knew that the price of Komodo coin will rise in coming months. Anyway, how to mine EtherZero?

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How to withdraw from EtherDelta without visiting website

Do you have funds on and want to withdraw them without visiting the website? We will tell you how to do so. Since the website is nothing but a user interface for its Ethereum smart contract, it is quite easy to withdraw funds by using something like myetherwallet. All you will need is your Ethereum wallet address and private key. If you have both, you are good to go.

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Daedalus wallet for Ethereum Classic launched

Download Daedalus wallet for Ethereum Classic

The Grothendieck team’s Daedalus integration for the Mantis client is now live, and the first release candidate is available for download. The Daedalus combines features of both Daedalus wallet and Mantis Ethereum Classic Client. Available for both windows and Mac, the Daedalus wallet for Ethereum Classic lets you do basic wallet to wallet transfer and at the same time, lets you enjoy safety features the Daedalus is known for. The beta version of the Mantis was released back in August 2017 and ever since, the developers have been busy adding support for Daedalus and improving codebase. The first release candidate is now available for download.

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Enjin Coin wants to solve CryptoKitties problem

Enjin Coin cryptokitties

CryptoKitties, a game that runs on Ethereum blockchain has clogged the entire network and is eating more gas than the popular decentralized exchange, EtherDelta. Right now, the CryptoKitties game is consuming more than 10 percent of total activity on Ethereum blockchain and the entire network is clogged. The team behind this game has now increased the gas price in order to keep the game playable. Now Enjin Coin has stepped in and promises to solve its gas problem. Their platform is optimized for low gas fees and ensures fast response in modern video games. They want to keep the rich metadata on the client and not on the blockchain. This will ensure that the game does not suffer from high gas fees as the metadata will be handled by the games themselves.

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BTC Lite bridges gap between Ethereum and Bitcoin

btc lite

BTC Lite is an ERC20 token that can have a lot of value in future. No one can deny the fact that tokens that run on Ethereum blockchain can attain a lot of value if marketed properly. There have been many examples in past, the best being the OmiseGo, TenX, Qtum and so on. The BTC Lite which carries BTCL as its symbol is an unusual type of bitcoin. It is a tokenized version of Bitcoin but runs on Ethereum blockchain. BTC Lite has same supply as the Bitcoin so there are total of 21,000,000 BTCL in total. In this way, the tokenized version copies real deal in this regard.

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300 million Ethereum locked by accident: Multi signature Ethereum wallet disaster

300 million Ethereum locked by accident

A single user was able to permanently lock hundreds of digital wallet containing more than 300 million dollars worth of Ethereum. Many are considering doing a hard fork to fix it. Multi signature wallets are affected and they require multiple people to sign before moving the funds. So such wallets are more popular among companies that hold massive amount of funds. All the multi signature wallets were made by Parity which is an app for creating digital wallets with multi signature functionality.

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Centra Card and Mobile App supports Ethereum and other crypto currencies

centra tech card ethereum support

Ethereum is one of the initial coins that is supported inside the Centra wallet application that is spendable with the Centra debit card along with the bitcoin, litecoin, dash, monero, Zcash and ripple. However, if you are looking for a physical card, you will have to wait a bit longer as currently the only option available for the non-ICO contributors is the NFC version that is active on the application itself around mid-November 2017. Centra Tech is shipping more than 15000 cards worldwide starting mid-November 2017 to January 2018. The card orders for the non-ICO contributors will commence around that time. Keep in mind that myriad companies around the world have already started accepting NFC as payment option around the world.

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BAT Ethereum Token now accepted in Brave web browser

BAT (Basic Attention Token) is an Ethereum based token that is now integrated into the Brave web browser. The browser now features integrated BAT wallet which will now allow users to support user’s favorite websites while staying anonymous. Brave web browser blocks ads by default. The integrated BAT wallet will allow Brave users to add funds to their BAT wallets by transferring BAT, BTC, ETH or LTC. No registration is required and there is also an option to convert the BAT amount to fiat. In order for the website owner to receive payment, they must sign themselves up as Brave publisher. The payment that is received by the publishers is automatically converted to fiat and deposited to publisher’s bank account.

BAT Ethereum Token now accepted in Brave web browser

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Best Dash Wallet 2017: Offline Dash Wallet – Web Dashwallet – Cloud wallet for Dash

Dash currency has come a long way. There are lot of new comers who now want to become part of Dash crypto currency. So which is best dash wallet in 2017? There are ton of wallets out there and many of them are fake. We want to protect you from frauds and we have compiled a list of the reliable and best Dash wallets which are safe and not thieves. It might shock you some of the wallets in Google results lead to phishing websites that would definitely steal your dash.

best dash wallet 2017

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